Garden Statues Put The Finishing Touches To The Perfect Garden

Whether its a just for fun garden gnome statue or a part of the overall design of your garden, garden statues are often the finishing touch that just lift a garden from ordinary to something a bit special. Garden statues can add personality and originality to your garden and they undoubtedly say something about the garden owner.


Garden statues make a personal statement. They can big, brash, bold and very in your face, or they can be understated, even demure, or just a bit of fun and nonsense. So it’s very important to get the right garden statue for your garden, and with the huge choice of garden statues on offer where do you start?


As a garden statue will immediately catch the eye it’s a good idea to decide first where you’re going to put it. Put it at the end of a long garden could make the garden appear shorter, whereas putting it in the middle will arrest the eye and make the garden seem bigger. Try putting something similar in size to the garden statue you’ve got in mind in different spots around the garden and see what the affect is.


If the garden statue is to be a surprise you might want to partially hide it from view so that you have to physically go into the garden to see it properly. This adds a bit of mystery and romance to a garden.


You can get garden statues in all sorts of designs. Animals, birds and figures from classical mythology and folk tales are very popular. They come in many different types of materials from stone and terracotta to modern hard wearing resins as well as the traditional brass statues with a bronze patina finish.


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