Holiday Gifts

Shop local this holiday season! Everything below is available at the nursery through the end of December 2010, or until we start selling it faster than we can stock it.

Photos of all items are coming soon, but why wait? Come to the nursery today and see this stuff for yourself!

Click any photo to see a larger version.

Handmade Jewelry from the Seri Indian Tribe

photo coming soon

$6 - $40

These various pieces of jewelry were crafted by Seri Indians, one of the last remaining tribes of native peoples from Northern Mexico.  Not only are these extremely unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry, every purchase helps support the Seri people and their path to maintain their traditional culture. Bracelets, Necklaces and Hair Clips are made from various locally (Northern Mexico) collected materials, including seashells, rattlesnake vertebrae, clay and various plant materials.

Succulent Wreaths

$45 - $105

The gift that keeps on growing! Used as a decoration, a gift, or just a way to show off how sustainable you really are, these succulent wreaths are LIVING wreaths that will continue to grow and thrive in and around your home!  Each wreath is filled with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of succulent cuttings, making for some very unique and striking designs.  As living wreaths, they need only a deep soaking every week or 2 throughout the year to keep them growing and looking great!  They also make great centerpieces with a candle or other decorative item in the middle. Each wreath comes with care instructions. (Come learn how to make a Succulent Wreath at one of our FREE Workshops!)


Make your own succulent wreaths at Nopalito Nursery

We already know you want to deck the halls in style this year with a fragrant and gorgeous traditional wreath made entirely from California native plants, or with a LIVING succulent wreath — or better yet, with a few of both!

Well, you can buy both kinds of wreath right here at the nursery, but when it comes to succulent wreaths, you've got a choice to make. Do you:

  • Buy the finished wreaths from us at an outrageous markup? OR,
  • Pay only for your materials and make your own wreath, right here at Nopalito?

Once more before New Year's — on Wednesday 12/29  —  Nopalito's own Rick Sanchez will show you how to make succulent wreaths. The workshop will start at 10am.

So what's to decide? Mark your calendar and call ahead to register. Space is limited!

See our workshops & classes page for all the details.