Imagine the bold, abundant flowers of the classic hydrangea peeking out from the shade on a summer’s day. These stunning plants enrich any garden scene. No wonder hydrangea are one of the most popular ornamental shrubs.


We think every yard and garden should feature at least one hydrangea shrub – but why stop with just one?


Grown as a collection the colorful blooms of hydrangea make a stunning feature for any garden situation in a sunny position or to brighten up a shady spot.


Hydrangeas boast big, bold flowers and make excellent border plants. There is nothing as stunning as hydrangeas blooming en mass to bring life to a shady area, and they thrive in sunny conditions as well. They not only make a dramatic hedge, but are also excellent as single specimens. Best of all, the flower heads remain attractive into winter and are great in dried arrangements. Here’s four special varieties for you to try…


ROYAL RED HYDRANGEA – Blazing red 4″ flower heads decorate trouble-free shade-loving shrubs that grow 3-6′ high. The splendid floral clusters enliven the plants for months on end, from mid-summer to early fall.


ROYAL PURPLE HYDRANGEA – The regal cousin of our ‘Royal Red’, this variety is a dense, compact grower producing large rounded heads of deep purple blooms in midsummer to early fall. Large, leathery, mid-green leaves form a lush background.


NIKKO BLUE HYDRANGEA – Big 6″ cobalt blue flower heads on 3-6′ tall emerald mounds are a breathtaking sight all season long. Blooms turn golden bronze in autumn.


FOREVER PINK HYDRANGEA – Classic Hydrangea color – Giant 6-8″ pastel pink flower heads hold their color well throughout the growing season. Hardy shrub grows just 3′ tall with a 4-6′ spread.